I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing you today because I am requesting some financial aid to continue with my radio ministry. I am on KXXT 1010AM every Tuesday at 4PM (MST). I have really enjoyed putting a radio show together because; I have been given the opportunity to help many people with some of life’s struggles. The aim of my program, The Amber May Show, is to give hope to hurting hearts and to encourage believers in their walk with Christ. I try to give non-believers an opportunity to see the true character of God. In previous shows, I have focused on strengthening the family. I did a series on relationships hoping it would help at least one family stay together instead of heading to divorce. I have learned that sexual addictions are a strong hold that many believers both men and women deal with. I asked Pastor Witney, from Bethany Bible Church, to discuss how sexual addictions negatively affect the person and the family. Pastor Witney and I left the audience with hope and a way to over come the addiction. It is a strong hold that needs to be taken out of our homes and churches. I also spoke with a gentleman from focus on the family, about how to over come a homosexual life style. We talked about things that lead someone down that road. We looked at how Christians can minister to them. We also pointed them in a direction toward leaving that life style if they choose. Every day, I have shows down loaded from all over the world. I feel honored that God would allow me to help all types of people. If you would like to learn more about my program, please visit my website at I really need financial aid in order to stay on the radio. Today I am asking you, if you would pray about sending me a $5 gift for the radio cost. Please consider continuing to be a monthly partner of $5 a month. I am also very happy to receive a one time gift. I envision this ministry taking off one day. I can see having a staff and reaching into the hearts of many to start them on a road of healing. Please make the checks out to Amber Hilliker. You can mail the payments to PO BOX 86474, Phoenix, AZ 85080. You may also use your credit card at my website. I appreciate your consideration. If you are unable to give please keep me in prayer.





Amber May




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BOX 86474, Phoenix, AZ 85080





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