The Amber May Show-Concubines vs Wives Part 2

October 28th, 2011

Join me today on 1010AM at 5:45pm. We are continuing our discussion of Concubines Vs. Wives we talk about why sex delays a man proposing to his live in girlfriend. We also talk about how marriage was designed to provide protection, provision and what women contribute to marriage. What does sex do physiologically and physically to a women?  We address all these issues and more. You will not want to miss this episode.

I am requesting a small donation.You can purchase the entire series on my website at . Finances are required for this show to grow. I hope you will partner with me.

Be sure to check out Amber May's corner store. Help spread the word about her program by purchasing a bumper sticker. It comes off your car clean. There are other items in her corner store. Don't forget to download Amber May's free app by visiting her website at

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