The Amber May Show-Daniel 1

August 28th, 2009


The Amber May Show- A Man Fighting to Live

August 20th, 2009


Joshua Sanders is in need of a pancreas transplant surgery. His insurance will only pay for half of the procedure.  You can donate at any Bank of America. Just ask for the Joshua E. Sanders Medical Fund. There is a paypal account set up as well Please listen to his story. My Podcast Alley feed!{pca-a6715b34268a9549146a936cd3240756} <a href=""> Mevio </a> {Mevio-ec2d543497eb2a937448514fd4423f56}


The Amber May Show- A Hero Fighting For A Cure

August 14th, 2009


Mike Johnson is a cancer survivor. He has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Johnson is a veteran and has fought in the Gulf War. He currently serves and protects us everyday. Out of his struggles, he and his wife developed a foundation to help families who are dealing with multiple myeloma have hope, help and a future. Please consider supporting this foundation. 

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The Amber May Show- Sex Addiction Part 2

August 7th, 2009

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